5 Benefits of a Laundry Service

Picture this; you are interviewing for your dream job. What this job offers is everything you had wished for and you have prepared day and night for the interview you are just about to head out for. You pick out your favourite (read lucky) shirt, and the best fitting trousers you have for the big day. Just as you get out of the shower and are about to slip into your shirt, you notice a huge stain, which you had assumed would have washed out in the last wash. There goes your lucky shirt, and there go the high spirits you were in as you pick out another shirt for the day.

Clothes on special or even everyday occasions might occupy the least amount of our headspace, but badly cleaned clothes can dampen your spirits almost as quickly as your favourite food without any seasoning on it. At the same time, stains and wear and tear on clothes are almost inevitable. Most times the staining on clothes is difficult to get rid of through standard home washing and needs a more targeted and strong treatment. That is where the power of laundromats comes in. While there are several benefits of going to a laundromat, given below are the top 5 which make laundromats visits super useful. We will consider the example of Sudz Coin Laundry which is a leading laundromat based out of Michigan to tell you how a laundromat can be a one stop solution to all your laundry needs.

1. Power Cleaning Solutions for all Kinds of Laundry :
Now whether you are looking for an everyday washing of your favourite clothes, or are looking for a more complicated washing routine such as washing of your comforters or quilts made with down, a laundromat is the perfect place to cater to all your washing needs. Laundromats that offer services that cover the whole spectrum, such as a quick wash as well as a more deep cleansing wash for your laundry will not just help you save time and visits, but this also ensures that your laundry is cleaned immaculately so that you don’t have to worry about stains. While a daily wardrobe such as a T-shirt or work clothes might need a delicate cleanse only to get rid of everyday dirt, a comforter needs a deeper cleanse, and settings that help to remove more stubborn staining since these are washed at longer intervals and are subjected to more rough usage versus daily wear clothing. For harder washes, there is a heavy soil cycle which is adept at handling the more stubborn stains and laundry.
2. The Ease and Convenience :
Whether it is a self-serviced laundry cycle you want to run, or whether you want an attendant to cater to your washing needs while you go about the day, Sudz offers you both. Sudz has been providing services where they will keep your laundry ready at the end of the day so that your clothes are as good as new and ready to use as per your convenience. Sudz offers fully attended laundry services that come with different settings and a quick wash cycle that washes a full load in 16 minutes, for days when you are short on time and have a list of tasks to run through the day. They have attendants available at their facilities at all times, who can assist and guide you with the washing and also take care of your laundry from start to end in case there are other errands you need to run. Not just this, Sudz has developed expertise over the years in dealing with more complex materials such as down, and promises to deliver your comforters as soft and fluffy as they were received at the facility. Therefore this laundry facility offers a wide spectrum of services, right from regular everyday cleaning to heavy duty cleaning at the same place, and with quick turnaround times. Not to mention, scheduling days for regular visits to a laundromat, saves the space and effort you need to set up a washing routine and set up at home.
3. Available throughout the week :
A work week can be busy and exhausting for most people, and specially during the current times where most of the housework has become more taxing owing to everyone continuously being at home. Laundry can be a task that may get deprioritised over meals and cleaning of the house. It is therefore essential that any laundry service be not just accessible but have timings that suit every kind of customer. Sudz has identified this need for their hard working customers, and therefore extended their services from 7am to 11pm on weekends, which is an hour each extended on either side versus the week days. This gives each and every customer the flexibility to start their laundry load as late as 10pm on the weekends, so that they can finish by the time the laundromat closes.
4. Pay with what you have, and as little as it can get : While most laundromats are accessible to the average American when it comes to pricing, nothing beats a service that helps the customer easily access their services. How many times does one find spare quarters lying everywhere in our houses, and they just never see the light of the day ever again. At Sudz, they put these neglected quarters to good use, since their machines run on the evergreen quarter payment systems. Simply walk into a Sudz laundromat, load your washer, throw in those quarters and you are ready to begin.
Their prices start from as little as $1.15 per pound of laundry, which makes their services accessible to anyone who needs a quick wash for their laundry. For comparison, the lowest priced fast food burger at a popular burger chain is $1.69, which means that you can get a pound of freshly cleaned and folded clothes at a lesser price than a single burger.
5. Services for the Community:
The last few months have been challenging for most people managing a fully populated house, jobs, and everything that has been going on at the same time. In such difficult times, most businesses have had to take the hard call of closing down, or reducing operating hours, to absorb some of the damage that is being inflicted on revenues. Sudz, however, has stayed open for the same hours as before and has been lending a helping hand to the community by taking care of all their laundry needs. They have remained operational seven days of the week and have been delivering freshly cleaned laundry, ready for pickup at the end of the day for the hard working community of Michigan. In addition to that, Sudz are the only laundromats in the area that use speed Queen machines, which is the only brand still made in America.

Even though there are several other reasons why you should opt for a professional cleaning experience, the 5 listed above are at the top why one should be a regular at a laundromat.
The ease, convenience, and economical nature of laundromats makes laundry one less thing that needs to be taken care of and the professionalism of most laundry services is something that consumers have learnt how to count on over the years.
Being a regular at a laundromat, will ensure that you never again have to walk into an interview without your favourite shirt which would have been washed, folded and ready for pickup the day before.

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