5 Tips to Keep Your Closet Organized

What is the similarity between a large wardrobe and a small cupboard? They both hold the secrets of your pulchritude. It is irrelevant whether you are a fashionable creature or only wear clothes for their practical purpose. Everyone invests time, money and other resources into their apparel. You probably frequent the closest laundromat around me to keep your garments nice and clean. Then why is it that opening your closet is like entering into a twisted remake of Narnia? It is likely because you lack the essential knowledge regarding how to store your clothes properly. No need to panic. We are here to rescue you. Read on to discover some tips and tricks to organize your clothes and keep your closet in decent  conditions.

1.  Clear and clean

Closets seldom receive a proper cleaning. You might be mindful enough to give your cupboard a general wipe once in a while, but how often do you actually go deep into the darkest corner? The thing is that even a neat looking drawer is likely to collect invisible bacteria. It is strongly advisable to empty your closet fully, from the floor to the highest shelf, and perform a thorough cleanse. You should remove everything, from clothes to storage tools such as hangers, baskets and boxes, and give everything a good scrub. Dust and wipe hanging rods, walls, baseboards, and vacuum the floor. Let it all dry for a few hours. This should be done every six months, or sooner if you notice a musty smell in your clothes or closet. An earthy odor suggests the presence of mold, an unwanted visitor that thrives in enclosed places with poor air circulation and can spread to your fabrics. After the deep clean, you should do a quick wipe every month as regular maintenance.

2.  Deodorize

Once you have spruced everything up, you might discover that there is still a stagnant smell inside your closet. This is because the walls and flooring may have absorbed moisture from sweaty or damp clothes, especially if there is wood and carpet. Not only do you need to remove the odor before returning the clothes to their place, but you should also try to prevent this from happening again. Vinegar is an effective deodorizer that can be mixed with water and sprayed around. Baking soda is another natural solution. Remember to let your closet dry for a few hours. For regular maintenance, you should open the doors regularly to promote air ventilation. When possible, replacing solid doors with louvered doors is a great initiative. If you cannot afford fancy air fresheners, you can make your own by soaking cotton balls with essential oils and distributing them between your garments. You can also fill sachets with natural, scented soap bars or potpourri. A breathable container filled with activated charcoal, coffee grounds or baking soda can be placed somewhere in your closet to absorb unpleasant odors and moisture. Activated charcoal can be reused after putting it under the sunlight for a few hours. Coffee beans should be replaced every month while baking soda can last for a year.

3.  Declutter

Closets tend to be packed with clothes, shoes, accessories, sometimes even linen and a bunch of miscellaneous items. All these elements tightly packed make it hard for air to flow, promoting the growth of bacteria. The cramping also gives your closet an untidy look, wrinkles your clothes and makes it difficult to keep things in order. Before refilling your wardrobe, you should do some conscious decluttering. This process allows no sentimentalities, for they cloud your judgement and enable hoarding tendencies. Separate your clothes into different piles: pants, jumpers, t-shirts, and so on. Compare every item in each category to select which ones you love to wear and serve a purpose. The rest can be donated or consigned when in good conditions, or trashed if they have done their duty. To prevent future cluttering, a useful method is to get rid of one old item every time you get a new one. Not only will you keep a manageable collection, but you will also be more aware of your purchases.

4.  Organize

Now you have a clean, empty closet and a curated collection of clothes to fit in. It is time to plan a new, smarter arrangement. Seasonal clothes can be stored in a different place, either under the bed or in a dry shed, to liberate some space. Special items that are worn less often, such as party shoes or costumes, can be kept towards the back or on the top shelves. Shoes should be stored in stackable racks and organized by style. The most frequently used outfits should be placed at eye level. If you are going to purchase storage organizers, make sure you measure the space before. Otherwise, you can repurpose small bookcases, baskets and boxes. Over-the-door racks and hanging shelves take advantage of vertical spaces when you have a reduced storage area. Categorizing and color coding your clothes make it easier to navigate your closet. Hang everything facing the same direction, organizing items by length. Ideally, use the same hangers so that they fit together properly, maximizing space and and minimizing visual clutter. Thick and sturdy items like denim and winter sweaters stack well on shelves, while thin and pliable items can be folded in half, rolled and tucked into drawers. Storage boxes or drawer dividers are lifesavers, as well as wire baskets or clear bins for shelves.

5.  Wash and dry clothes

As mentioned before, dampness provides a favorable environment for the development of bacteria that produce bad odors and mold, especially in confined spaces. Dry your clothes properly before putting them away. If you are going to reuse a garment a few times before washing it, keep it in a place with good ventilation and avoid placing it among cleaned items. Try not to keep a laundry hamper inside your closet. If this cannot be avoided, then do not throw sweaty clothes or wet towels into it. Also, keep your sweaty shoes outside.

To conclude

Nobody said that organizing your closet would be a simple task. But trust us, it is worth it. You can plan a full cleanup twice a year to remove accumulated dust and check for mold. This is also a good opportunity to exchange seasonal outfits and dispose of unworn, outdated or damaged items. Then a quick maintenance every month will keep it tidy and make the biannual makeover easier. The upkeep of your closet is easier when it is well organized. Then when you visit your closest laundromat to me, you can prolong the results of washing and drying your garments with us for a longer time. After being pampered by Sudz Laundry, your clothes will rest in a fresh and comfortable cupboard.

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